15 Camp Friendly Country Music Festivals


1. Stagecoach

Since 2007, Stagecoach has been one of the biggest Country music festivals in Indio, California. With top performing artists and inviting attractions, the festival nearly sells out every year. Attendees and campers should prepare early and purchase tickets in advance.

2. Country Thunder

Country Thunder takes place in two states – Arizona & Wisconsin. The festival usually consists of two 4-day events each year and has an average of over 27,000 attendees. Both events are filled with inviting food vendors, enjoyable attractions and top performing artists.

3. Tree Town

The Tree Town Music Festival takes place in Forest City, Iowa and hosts some of country music’s top artists. The event is sponsored by the American Legion which supports active service members and veterans.

4. Taste of Country

The Taste of Country Music Festival is in Hunter Mountain, New York and is one of the top Country music events in the U.S. Prepare to see some unforgettable performances by some of country musics notorious artists.

5. Country U.S.A

Country U.S.A takes place at Ford Festival Park in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. It’s an amazing 5 day non-stop event that will keep you on your toes and features some of country musics biggest stars. Country U.S.A also has a variety of vendors and an amazing campground.

6. Moondance Jammin Country Fest

The Moodance Jammin Country Fest takes place in Walker, Minnesota and features a variety of well known artists. With many camping accommodations, Moondance is a one of a kind music festival for any RVer.

7. Country Fest

Country Fest is in Cadott, Wisconsin and is a 4 day event for all country music lovers and campers. The festival has a mix of food and beverage vendors as well as multiple stages with top performing country music artists.


8. Country Stampede

Stampede is a 4 day Country music and camping festival in Manhattan, Kansas. The event features multiple stages with performances by big Country music stars. Look forward to multiple food & beverage vendors, interactive exhibits, camping and more!

9. Big Barrel

Big Barrel is a 3 day event that takes place in Dover, Delaware. The festival features some of country music’s top artists, family areas, a petting zoo, a BBQ pit and much more.

10. Faster Horses

The Faster Horses Festival is in Brooklyn, Michigan and features some of Country music’s biggest stars. The 3 day event accommodates campers with a variety of convenient amenities including dump stations, 24hr security and much more.

11. Country Jam

Country Jam is held in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with a main stage that features popular Country music artists and accommodates campers of all kinds. The 3 day event also has VIP areas, food & beverage vendors, a beer garden and much more.

12. Night in the Country

The Night in the Country Festival is a 3 day event that takes place in Yerington, Nevada. The festival allows RV and tent camping and features some of Country music’s biggest stars.

13. Boots & Hearts

Boots & Hearts is a 3 day event in Ontario, Canada. Featuring popular Country music singers, food &beverage vendors, beer tents, cell phone charging stations and more.

14. Jam in the Valley

Jam in the Valley has been established for 23 years and has been known for their firework shows. The festival is a 3 day event in Varysburg, New York which features well known Country music artists and accommodates campers of all kinds.

15. Watershed Fest

The watershed fest is and outdoor venue located in George, Washington. Enjoy 3 days of non stop Country music, multiple food & beverage vendors and more.

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